Traumatic knee problems


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The NHG Guideline Traumatic Knee Problems provides recommendations for diagnosis and management of knee problems that are the result of a trauma. The following injuries are discussed: contusion and distortion, cruciate and collateral ligament lesions, meniscal lesions and patellar dislocation. Information about knee fracture and findings that may require an X-ray are also included.

Cartilage injuries, bone bruises, posterolateral knee injuries and patellar tendon ruptures are not discussed, because they are almost exclu¬sively diagnosed in hospital setting, and have limited relevance to the general practitioner.

Knee problems in general practice that are not the result of trauma are discussed in the NHG Guidelines Non-traumatic Knee Problems.


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Belo JN, Berg HF, Klein Ikkink AJ, Wildervanck-Dekker CMJ, Smorenburg HAAJ, Draijer LW



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March 2010