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The NHG Guideline Prevention Consultation, Cardiometabolic Risk module provides recommendations for determining the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and renal damage in people from the age of 45 years. For assessing the risk and the need for prevention consultation, a questionnaire is completed containing items on age, sex, weight, smoking behavior, and family history.

The risk questionnaire can be offered to individuals who have questions about their risk but can also be used at the level of the practice population for screening individuals who are not receiving treatment for hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular diseases or chronic renal damage.

The guideline includes a risk calculation tool for assessing the risk. Individuals with a low risk score will receive information about their risk and advice to promote healthy behavior. Individuals with a high risk score will have further consultation with their general practitioner, followed by treatment of their cardiometabolic risk factors according to NHG Guidelines on diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular risk management, chronic kidney disease, obesity and smoking cessation.


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Dekker JM, Alssema M, Janssen PGH, Van der Paardt M†, Festen CCS, Van Oosterhout MJW, Van Dijk JL, Van der Weijden T, Gansevoort RT, Dasselaar JJm, Van Zoest F, Drenthen T, Walma EP, Goudswaard AN



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March 2011