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The NHG Guideline Obesity provides recommendations for diagnosis and management of adults and children from the age of two with obesity. The guideline also applies to adults with overweight and severely increased abdominal circumference or comorbidity associated with overweight. Both conditions have a similar risk of morbidity and mortality and the same management as for obesity.

This guideline is based on the multidisciplinary guideline Diagnosis and treatment of obesity in adults and children and integrates with the NHG Guidelines Cardiovascular risk management and Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Management of obesity includes patient education and a combined lifestyle intervention: a healthy dietary pattern, increasing physical activity, and, if necessary, psychological support of the behavioral changes.


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Van Binsbergen JJ, Langens FNM, Dapper ALM, Van Halteren MM, Glijsteen R, Cleyndert GA, Mekenkamp-Oei SN, Van Avendonk MJP



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November 2010