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The NHG Guideline on Heart failure provides recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute heart failure. The guideline presents the most relevant sections for the general practitioner derived from the multidisciplinary guideline Heart failure 2010.

The diagnosis of heart failure is based on a combination of specific symptoms, findings from physical examinations consistent with heart failure, and evidence for structural or functional abnormality of the heart as. Laboratory tests, ECG and echocardiography are important tools in determining the diagnosis and cause of heart failure.

Management of heart failure includes patient education, life style interventions and drug therapy. The guideline also includes sections on palliative care, multidisciplinary continuity of care and heart failure care programs.


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Hoes AW, Voors AA, Rutten FH, Van Lieshout J, Janssen PGH, Walma EP, The guideline and the scientific justification were revised with regards to the previous version, Rutten FH, Walma EP, Kruizinga GI, Bakx HCA, Van Lieshout J



Revision Date

July 2010