Food Hypersensitivity


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The NHG Guideline Food Hypersensitivi¬ty provides recommendations for diagnosis and management of allergic food hypersen¬sitivity (synonym: food allergy) in children and adults. Food hypersensitivity is an umbrella term for undesirable reproducible reactions to food in quantities that are tolerated by “normal” people.

The management of an anaphy¬lactic reaction to food and the diagnosis and management of suspected coeliac disease are also discussed in the guideline.

This guideline does not provide recom¬mendations for diagnosis and manage¬ment of a non-allergic food hypersensitivity (previously: “food intolerance”), but some information has been included in the “Back¬ground” section as patients regularly have questions about lactose intolerance and food additives.


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Lucassen PLBJ, Albeda FW, Van Reisen MT, Silvius AM, Wensing C, Luning-Koster MN



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October 2010